When the word ‘Poison’ is uttered, everyone remembers various thing that is of importance to us. Most of the Indian guys who are in youngsters in 90s will remember the famous cabaret dancer Silk. She killed herself drinking poison. Each person would have some kind of special touch with the word. Sometimes, it could be really important, sometimes, it might be not.

But, we all are not concerned about the slow poison we all are consuming at different points to our life. Our lives are filled with these things that we often forget that are creating huge problems. The refrigerator is one of the dead traps created by men to kill men. In certain houses, you will find that the left overs can be used to feed one starving family. Visit this link http://www.melbournemetrorefrigeration.com.au/ if you are having a refrigerator problem and want to fix it immediately.

These things hold stuff without getting rotten or spoiled. But, these things contaminate the food with unwanted chemicals and carcinogens. These machines can be repaired by Amana refrigerator repairs. These repairs might cost you a bit, but we all know life without refrigerators will feel like living in uncivilised age where ice cream is a magic and food will have to be thrown put. But, because of keeping food in refrigerator, there are several bad things to the health and body of people.

All our foods is having a huge chemical basis. It can be seen that most of the people are getting sick in young age. This is a pharmaceutical mission to gain money. If you look properly and deeply, out of single home commodity sugar, you will understand the importance of the small thing.

Basically, sugar is derived from the sugarcane. The processed sugarcane juice will be sent through different processes and sugar which is produced is brow in colour. Thus brown colour sugar has higher price in the market. Whereas the white one everyone gets is the sugar that is polished with sulphide; which is technically should be sold on higher prices than brown sugar. But, white sugar is sold at lower prices because this will reduce people’s immunity and which will in turn make then prone t9 disease making them dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

There are many people who get medicines off the counter because they are just frightened to get something more than what they already have. It is highly hypothetical to tell that industrial revolutions and developments were good for the man kind. It is obvious that theses developments had man more mistrustful of his own species. We have lost the precious characters of man kind in the love of these unwanted things.