Owning a new house is always exciting, but it can also be time consuming and nerve wrecking, not to mention its expensiveness. Town planning in Port Phillip is planning how large the house will be, talking to architects and designers and interior decorators, putting your signature on everything about to be a part of the new house is a complex process and it’s not always for the faint hearted.
Keeping the same address but owning a new house
Having to move from home, the place you know so well or you grew up in, even if it’s to a new house can be extremely stressful and demanding, and it can take a long time only to adjust to the thought of not seeing your neighbours and friends all the time and not shopping at your usual stores and this is where a knock down rebuild would be suited.
Of course you could think of renovations but they cost the same amount as rebuilding the house all over. In that case why not just rebuild it? You will have the major benefit of living at the same address but in a new home. Maybe even the house you’ve always dreamt about. So here’s another option for you to make that dream come true, in the end having the same result but with less trouble.
Rebuilding is safe and solid
Knock down rebuild is the solution when you want a new home, or you want an improved one. A new house is usually desired because of wanting more space or to have a better looking one, a more modern home and making sure it’s solid and not going to have to worry about cold during the cold seasons. All of that can be achieved with a knock down rebuild if it’s designed in a smart way and it considers a more efficient use of the water and electricity.
You already have the parcel and the authorizations and you can easily start the process of replacing your old house with a brand new one, exactly on the same spot with fewer expenses than renovating. You’ll only have to get a few more permits for rebuilding and hire an expert in designing custom homes and get started.
The advantages of a rebuild
Here are the advantages of a knock down rebuild house:
– You can stick with the initial plan of finishing the house;
– Less risky than a renovation process where you could unexpectedly encounter who knows what under the old floors and having to spend more money thus exceeding the budget;
– Your chance to start fresh and redecorating in a new and modern style. No more working around the old structures;
– Saving up on electricity bills with a well-built home from the ground while respecting the Government’s regulations for new homes.
Whether you want a new home and you don’t want to move from the old place or you’re just looking for a change at your old house and stay on budget and time you have to choose a knock down rebuild for the certainty it offers you of getting what you’ve always wanted from your new home in terms of design, durability and a good price.