Lollies are not bad always. In moderation, just like chocolate lollies also have some great benefits.

1. They are a great mood up lifter. The sugar in the candy works wonders to change your mood from way down to way up.
2. Research has shown people who consumed a few candies in a month, live longer. This might be related to the presence of phenol, which is also found in red wine.

3. A particular kind of flavonoid found in licorice helped reverse memory problems and learning problems which occurred due to type 2 diabetes. This flavonoid is called glabridin.

4. Chewing on gummy candies are a sweet way to reduce stress as it helps to keep the mind off things. It also increases, attention power and concentration. It also increases the level of serotonin in the body which help in relaxation.

5. Peppermint candy could help reduce bloating of the stomach, gas related disorders and help in digestion. Ginger candy also works in similar ways by reducing nausea, motion sickness and gas.

So, do not hesitate anymore while buying bulk lollies online. Just choose the right flavour for yourself and enjoy.

How to add extra zing to your lolly bags?

For parties lolly bags are a must if you want to see your guests happy.

Lolly bags are not all about stuffing them with personalised lollies. If you want to make a mark in the minds of your child’s friends, it is time to use some innovative ideas for lolly bags.

Eco friendly lolly bags could go a long way in making the children aware of the environment and also make them happy by adding in an assortment of lollies. All you need to do is pack some brown bags with vegetable seeds, sprouts or bulbs and a tree planting kit for the tiny ones.

One can also create a customised lolly bag with the name of the child inscribed on it, and guess what to use to create the inscription? Hard lollies in different colours! This way, the child’s happiness knows no boundary and you might even spot him or her eating of their own name within seconds!

Kids should always inculcate the habit of reading from an early age. You could create your lolly bag by throwing in a small comic book along with the candies. Small comic books or animated books are readily available. So why much on the lollies alone, when you have nice comic for company?

Make tiny dolls and faces on eatable gum with lollies and candies to add an extra element to your creative lolly bags. So, do not simply throw in packaged candies. One can also involve your kid by getting him to participate in making them.